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NIM is an ecumenical organisation and chaplains come from a range of professional backgrounds (including some early retired who want to ‘put something back into the community' ; they are male and female, lay and ordained, stipendiary and a growing number of voluntary chaplains. A Management Committee, Executive Group and Team Leader oversee the work of the chaplains.
Although our motivation comes from our Christian beliefs and values, our role in the workplace is not that of evangelism. Chaplains are available to everyone – of all faiths and of none. However the work of this ministry helps to inform Christian understanding and action about the effects of economic activity on individuals, and on communities. 
Each chaplain spends a certain amount of time ‘walking the floor’ in factories, offices or shopping centres, seeing and being seen, building relationships with both management and work-force and developing specialist knowledge. 
  • To engage directly with people in places of work;
  • To represent, to those in authority, people’s experience and perception of work and to raise questions with those who make decisions ;
  • To help Christians at work to make their own connections between faith and work;
  • To share with the Church and the world experiences of God’s presence in the workplace;
  • To work collaboratively with ministries in other sectors, in local churches and with other agencies.
We invite you to look at the rest of our website which highlights the work of our chaplains - and please get in touch if you would like to find out more about this exciting area of the church's mission and ministry.
Fiona Usher, Chaplain & Team Leader
Fiona is the Chaplain Team Leader of NIM and co-ordinates a team of stipendiary and volunteer associate chaplains from the local communities of faith. Fiona is also Principal Chaplain with Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue Service.
Northumbrian Industrial Mission is Registered with the Charities Commission, number 518472